Employee Group Training

I have an extremely cost effective program that introduces emotional intelligence solutions to your employees, namely,
“The DCubed Method™ of Emotional Intelligence.”

In this program:

– Your employees will learn one simple process that they can use to return to emotional and mental quiet while at work, fully aware of themselves and what the other person is asking of them from a responsive rather than a reactive place.

– They will learn the theory in brief of why this method works, followed by in-depth hands-on practice, so they will leave with the DCubed™ Method as a skill they can immediately apply to all their relationships at work, both internal and external to the company.

– The goal is to allow employees to communicate more effectively with reactive people they contact while at work.  They can then return to productive work at a much faster rate after dealing with an emotional response of a prospective or established customer, a co-worker, or a supervisor.  Emotional experiences are both 1. Distracting and 2.  Programming of future behavior through fear that can impede an employee’s effectiveness.

– The benefits will extend to emotional reactions in the employee’s personal life as well, and again, help them to be fully engaged at work despite what challenges they may face at home. Workers going through major emotional upheaval in their lives are less focused and effective.

When employees have tools to refocus at work and thereby allow for full engagement in their jobs, that translates into higher productivity and a greater return on capital for the company.

– This can be accomplished in one group training session followed by a single review session, each 1 hour in length.

 Please contact me today at 424-234-6401 to set up this training at your company or to inquire further.

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